There are many types of laser hair removal procedures available to remove unwanted excess hair. The one thing they all have in common is that they can stop hair from growing to a lesser or greater extent, but finding the least painful method is also often a concern among many patients.

Modern laser hair removal systems are available with different methods. Some are more painful than others, including the traditional “shots” laser hair removal treatment.

Traditional “shots” laser hair removal treatment.

Traditional “Shots” Laser Hair Removal Procedure

This is a more outdated laser hair removal procedure, using laser systems such as Magma, Cynosure, and Candela. During this treatment, the machinery applies laser energy to a specific area, raising the temperature of the follicle to 45-50 degrees, moving it a centimeter or two, and then repeating the process until the area is fully covered. This process can be painful because the energy is delivered all at one time, until a cooling method is applied to help alleviate the pain and prevent burns. In some cases, patients may be offered numbing cream, but using this can make it harder to detect pain that’s indicative of skin damage. read more

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